Sub-Plan in Developmental Psychology (Psychological Science MA)

The primary objective of the Sub-plan in Developmental Psychology is to prepare graduate students to work directly with or conduct research relevant to children and adolescents. This may include a focus on either normal or abnormal developmental processes. Many students will seek further academic training at the doctoral level in developmental psychology, as students who complete the program will be competitive for application to doctoral programs in developmental psychology, human development, and others. The program will also prepare students who wish to pursue careers in developmental psychology at the MA-level such as work in social service agencies, child care services, and other educational, health, or judicial settings.

Developmental Psychology Sub-Plan Components

Students in the Developmental Psychology Sub-plan must (a) complete all requirements of the Psychological Science track of the Psychology MA Program, (b) take the core content course in Developmental Psychology (PSY 6100), (c) complete a research thesis in this area and be supervised by a relevant faculty member, and (d) participate in sub-plan activities such as colloquia.

Developmental Psychology Sub-Plan Faculty

Frederick L. Coolidge, PhD (Sub-Plan Coordinator): Child and Adolescent Psychopathology and Personality Assessment and Twin Studies

Elizabeth Daniels, PhD: Gender, Body Image, Media, Sports and Physical Activities, Adolescent Development, Positive Youth Development 

Hasker Davis, PhD: Cognitive Development across the Lifespan

Robert Durham, PhD: Developmental Etiology of Sexual Offending, Assessment of Attitudes towards Child Sexual Abuse, and Program Evaluation with Child and Adolescent Populations

Sandy Wurtele, PhD: Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

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