June 2013

Chip Benight, PhD

$2 million grant from Lyda Hill to establish veteran trauma clinic, Ph.D. emphasis

"Around the Pikes Peak region, many people are working very hard to respond to the needs of returning soldiers and veterans. But the need is huge, and is taxing the available resources," Benight said. "The grant is really a dream come true in terms of fulfilling my vision of empowering veterans." Click to read full press release.

Posted: Wednesday, June 19th

Andrea June, PhD, Alumnus

Unique UCCS PhD Progam Sets Alumna Up for Successful Career in Academia and Clinical Practice

Andrea June (Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, 2012) was born and raised in Wisconsin and earned her BA in psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. While she had long known that she wanted to pursue a career in mental health... Read more in the UCCS Graduate School Blog. 

Posted: Monday, June 3rd
Brandon Gavett, PhD

Brandon Gavett receives institutional grant to support scholarly endeavors

Dr. Gavett was awarded an internal seed grant for his research proposal The Neuropsychological Impact of Sports Concussions on Student-Athletes.

Posted: Monday, June 3rd

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