Karenleigh Overmann

Name: Karenleigh (Leee) A. OvermannLeee Overmann, MA

Year graduated: 2013

Degree: MA in Psychology, option in Psychological Science, with a concentration in Cognition and the first-ever graduate Certificate in Cognitive Archaeology. I completed 59 credits while maintaining a 4.0 GPA.

Professional activities: During my 3 years in the UCCS Psychological Science MA program, I published six articles, four book chapters, and have submitted five more articles for potential publication. I made five conference presentations and edited three books (psychology, archaeology, and philosophy). I also wrote and successfully defended a thesis! I was President of the Pikes Peak Jane Austen Society and arranged numerous events, academic talks, and a biregional conference. I helped activate the new UCCS Center for Cognitive Archaeology, its certificate program, and six new online courses, and I am co-instructing one of them, a course in Language and Cognition. I was a teaching assistant for over two dozen undergraduate classes in psychology and anthropology. It's been a busy three years--whew! I was selected as the UCCS Outstanding Graduate Student in Psychological Science by the Psychological Society of the Pikes Peak Region. I was also a recipient of a 2011-12 Psi Chi Regional Research Award for a scale development project co-authored with Peter Marle, Alisa Estey, and Laura Finan, who were excellent companions in this journey. I also found time to visit Toronto and Bordeaux, attend the opera, grow orchids, renovate our back yard, attend the wedding and "White Coat Day" ceremony for my son in medical school, and spend time with my husband of 32 years, our daughter and our other son, and the world's most adorable granddaughter.

News items: In September 2013, I head to a three-year doctoral program in Archaeology at the University of Oxford on a Clarendon Fund Scholarship.

Favorite mentors: Fred Coolidge, Tom Wynn, Rex Welshon, Lori James, Joan Ray, Sonia Tanner, Mary Ann Cutter, and Linda Watts! They are awesome!

Favorite class: Paleoneurology with Emiliano Bruner (also the toughest course I ever took).

How my UCCS degree has shaped my work: I cannot imagine that any other mentors, department, or university would have helped me achieve so much, or to have provided me with anywhere near the same opportunity to work with top-publishing academics in the field of cognitive archaeology. While I am very excited about Oxford, I am really going to miss UCCS!