Provost Committees 2016-2017

Vice Chancellor Review Committee (VCRC)   (Three-Year Term)
Rebecca Duray (Business)
Term ends spring 2017
Al Ramirez (Education)
Term ends spring 2017
Suzanne MacAulay (LAS/VAPA) (H/A)
Term ends spring 2017
Don Klingner (SPA)
Term ends spring 2017
Mary Ann Kluge (Beth-El)
Term ends spring 2018
Tom Christensen (LAS/PES) (NS)
Term ends spring 2018
Mark Wickert (EAS/ECE)
Term ends spring 2018
Curt Holder (LAS/GES) (SS)
Term ends spring 2019
Sue Byerley (KFL)
Ad hoc representative - Term for one year
Council on Undergraduate Education (formerly Academic Planning Committee)
(Associate Dean and one Faculty Rep from each college)
Cathy Claiborne (Business)
Business Associate Dean
Dustin Bluhm (Business/MGMT)
Business Faculty Representative
Robert Block (EAS)
EAS Assistant Dean
Peter Gorder (EAS/MAE)
EAS Faculty Representative
Barbara Frye (Education)
COE Associate Dean
Lissana Follari (COE/Teaching & Learning)
COE Faculty Representative
Regina Winters (SPA)
SPA Assistant Dean & SPA Faculty Representative
Alex Ilyasova (LAS/English)
LAS Associate Dean
Al Schoffstall (LAS/Chemistry)
LAS Faculty Representative
Christina Martinez (Library)
Library Associate Dean
Stephanie Spratt (Library)
Library Faculty Representative
Amy Silva-Smith (Beth-El)
Beth El Chair of Nursing Department
Susan Davis (Beth-El)
Beth El Faculty Representative
Barbara Prinari
Faculty Assembly Representative (President)
Michelle Neely
Acting Compass Curriculum Director
Lynne Calhoun
Assessment Program Director
Julaine Field
Gateway Program Seminar Director
Sudhanshu Semwal
Honors Program Director
Nina Polok
Bachelor of Innovation Program Director
Academic Program Review Panel   (Three-Year Term)
John Harner (LAS/GES)
Brian Duvick (LAS/History)
Term ends spring 2017
Andrew Ketsdever (EAS/MAE)
Term ends spring 2017
Rhonda Glazier (Library)
Term ends spring 2017
Tom Wolkow (Biology)
Term ends spring 2018
Joe Wehrman (Education)
Term ends spring 2018
Brian McAllister (Business)
Term ends spring 2019
Mandi Elder (Beth-El)
Term ends spring 2019
Stephanie Rose Spaulding (LAS/WEST)
Term ends spring 2019
Deans' Council   Academic Year 2016-2017
Terry Schwartz
Interim Provost (Chair)
Peter Braza
Dean, College of Letters, Arts and Sciences
R. "Dan" Dandapani
Dean, College of Engineering and Applied Science
Kelli Klebe
Dean, Graduate School
Venkat Reddy
Dean, College of Business and Administration
George Reed
Dean, School of Public Affairs
Nancy Smith
Dean, Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Valerie Martin Conley
Dean, College of Education
Martin Garnar
Dean, Kraemer Family Library
Barbara Prinari
Faculty Assembly President