Kelli Klebe

Kelli J. Klebe

Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Faculty Development

Dean of the Graduate School
Associate Professor of Psychology

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs


  • Ph.D., 1990, Psychology, Specialization: Psychometrics, University of Minnesota
  • B.A., 1982, Social Work, San Francisco State University


Employment History

  • 2012Present           Associate Vice Chancellor for Research & Faculty Development, UCCS
  • 2012Present           Dean of the Graduate School, UCCS
  • 20122013                Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, UCCS
  • 1997Present           Associate  Professor of Psychology, UCCS
  • 20072011                Chair of the Psychology Department, UCCS
  • 19901997                Assistant Professor of Psychology


Dr. Klebe is a quantitative psychologist by training. She is actively involved in program evaluation research, examining the effectiveness of social interventions in a variety of settings including criminal justice, psychology, education and social services. She has received over $4 million in research contracts and grants for evaluation research. Dr. Klebe teaches courses in research methodology and statistical analysis. In addition to research and teaching, Dr. Klebe has been an engaged member of the campus community, serving on Faculty Assembly in a variety of roles as well as other campus committees. She participated in the Emerging Leaders Program (2004-2005) and the Academic Management Institute (2005 – 2006).


Selected Recent Publications and Professional Presentations (a full vita can be found here)


      Davis, H. P., Klebe, K. J., Guinther, P. M., Schroder, K. B., Cornwell, R. E., & James, L. E. (in press). Subjective organization, verbal learning, and forgetting across the life span: From 5 to 89. Paper accepted for publication in Experimental Aging Research.


      Feliciano, L. Horning, S. M., Klebe, K.J., Anderson, S. L., Cornwell, R. E., & Davis, H. P. (in press). Utility of the SLUMS as a cognitive screening tool among a nonveteran sample of older adults. Paper accepted for publication in the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry


      O’Keefe, M. L., Klebe, K. J., Metzner, J., Dvoskin, J., Fellner, J., & Stucker, A. (in press). Impact of isolation on psychological well-being: A longitudinal study. Paper accepted for publication in the Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law.


      Cahill, B. S., Coolidge, F. L., Segal, D. S., Klebe, K. J., Marle, P. D., & Overmann, K. A. (2012).  Prevalence of ADHD and its subtypes in male and female adult prison inmates.  Behavioral Sciences and the Law, 30, 154-166.


      June, A., Segal, D., Klebe, K. J., & Watts, L. (2012). Views of hospice and palliative care among younger and older sexually diverse women. American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine, 29, 455-461.


      Marty, M. A., Segal, D. L., Coolidge, F. L., & Klebe, K. J. (2012). Analysis of the psychometric properties of the interpersonal needs questionnaire (INQ) among community-dwelling older adults. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 68, 1008-1018.


      O’Keefe, M., Klebe, K. J., Wells, H., & Engleman, L. (July, 2012). Improving outcomes through university/agency partnerships. Invited workshop at the 142nd Congress of Correction, American Correctional Association (Denver, CO).


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      O’Keefe, M., Klebe, K., Fellner, J., & Metzner, J. L., (July, 2011). The Colorado Study: Long-term Solitary Confinement’s impact on psychological well-being. Invited panel presentation for the national Commission on  Correctional Health Care (Las Vegas, NV).


      O’Keefe, M., Klebe, K., Metzner, J., Dvoskin, J., & Fellner, J. (June 21, 2011). The context and clarification of a single study: Response to commentaries on One year longitudinal study of the psychological effects of administrative segregation. Retrieved from


      O’Keefe, M. L., Klebe, K. J., Stucker, A., Sturm, K., & Leggett, W. (June 21, 2011). One year longitudinal study of the psychological effects of administrative segregation: Abstract and Summary. (This was an invited submission but was based almost entirely on the executive summary of the technical report from same authors. This document was then reviewed and critiqued by six experts. This was in a special edition of an online publication.) Retrieved from


      VanTongeren, D., & Klebe, K. J. (2010). Reconceptualizing prison adjustment: A multidimensional approach exploring female offenders' adjustment to prison life. The Prison Journal, 90, 48-68.