Department of Political Science


Message from the Chair

Dr. Joshua Dunn

The Department of Political Science is a scholarly community of teachers, researchers, critical thinkers, and writers who strive to be on the edge in their areas of specialty and who serve the university and community with their knowledge.

The Department endeavors to provide a comprehensive political science curriculum which:

  • Provides students with the ability to understand and write about political and legal questions of governance of global, national, regional, and local significance;
  • Involves analysis of past, present, and future contextual events and matters involving the humanities, including but not limited to communication, economics, history, philosophy, psychology, religion and sociology;
  • Provides graduating majors with a level of preparation for employment in private entrepreneurial activities, employment in public and non-profit governmental sectors or to further study for advanced degrees;
  • Provides non majors with a fundamental understanding of global, national, regional, and local government operations.
Dr. Joshua Dunn