Joseph Postell, Ph.D.

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Joseph Postell is Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, where he teaches courses on American political institutions, American political thought, and administrative law. His research focuses primarily on regulation, administrative law, and the administrative state. He is the editor of two books: Rediscovering Political Economy  (with Bradley C.S. Watson) and Toward an American Conservatism (with Johnathan O'Neill).  He is currently completing a book titled Bureaucracy in America: The Administrative State and American Constitutionalism (under contract).  He also contributes frequently to the Liberty Fund's "Library of Law and Liberty" website on political and legal thought. 


UCCS Political Science Department


Ph.D., University of Dallas, 2010
M.A., University of Dallas, 2004
B.A., Ashland University, 2001

Academic Publications (published and in progress)

Bureaucracy in America: The Administrative State and American Constitutionalism (under contract).

"Regulation during the American Founding: Achieving Liberalism and Republicanism," American Political Thought (forthcoming; in press).

"Judge Not," The Review of Politics 76, no. 3 (2014): 530-33.

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PSC 2500 - Introduction to Political Inquiry
PSC 3030 - American Political Parties
PSC 4390 - The U.S. Presidency
PSC 4020 - The U.S. Congress
PSC 4460 - Administrative Law
PSC 4890 - Special Topics: Modern American Political Thought
PSC 4890 - Special Topics: The Federalist Papers