Summer Pre-College Experience

(2013 Program has ended. We hope to see you next year!)

The UCCS Center for STEM Education, in Partnership with UCCS is offering a 5-week summer program for highly-motivated high school students (entering grades 11-12*) that gives them 6 college credits, and a world of experience!

*For younger high shcool students, they can still attend all but the communications course. Please contact Cynthia Jones at  or 719-255-3947 for more information.

The CSTEME Summer Pre-College Experience includes:

  • 1 week half-day Bridge2Engineering Camp - come explore the world of engineering!
  • 2 week half-day MathBridge PreCalculus Camp - get ready for that Calculus or Pre-Calculus course next year! (Prerequisite: Algebra II completion before start of program)
  • 1 week full-day FLITE Camp - Come develop a project or learn to program computers!
  • 1 week college seminar - how to apply for college and scholarships, ACT prep, and how to do college research
  • And 2-weeks of college level courses in Communication and Science - get a jump on your college credits!

The fee for this 5-week program is $1600, which includes camp fees & college tuition fees!

For more information, please contact Kathleen Fitzpatrick at

This program involves actual college courses in Communications and Science, and although they are introductory level courses, the grades received become part of the student's permanent college transcript. If you are unsure whether your child is ready for the rigors of time-condensed college level coursework, please consider signing them up for our individual summer programs. Unfortunately, we will not be able to refund any portion of the fee if your child realizes that the college-level courses are beyond their abilities and decides to officially withdraw.