The PIPES Pre Collegiate Partnership

PIPES is excited to announce a new partnership with the Pre Collegiate Development Program located on the UCCS campus. This program has a 26 year track record in working with under represented populations in assisting them to pursue their dreams of a college education. With a 96% success rate in working with prospective first generation college families and students, this partnership will facilitate several of the goals of the PIPES program.

The goals of the partnership are:

  1. to expose students to the STEM disciplines starting in middle school
  2. to retain those same students in the STEM disciplines through internships, college credit opportunities, research opportunities, and leadership academies
  3. to create a seamless pipeline for students to pursue STEM fields of study from middle school to post-secondary study
  4. to evaluate what strategies work best in attracting and retaining students in the STEM disciplines
  5. to develop supportive partnerships with parents and families to assist their student in pursuing a college education in the STEM disciplines

PIPES and Pre Collegiate have worked together this past year on summer workshops and Saturday Science events. Browse our photo albums of the events we have partnered on over the past year.

Click here to see the see which workshops are required for 7th and 8th grade Pre Collegiate students.

Click here to learn more about the Pre Collegiate Development Program.

Summer Science