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Our Academic Year Programs

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Our Summer Programs

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Our Research Program

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Parent Information

We are very excited to offer your child the opportunity to participate in Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM) programs at UCCS! As part of our mission, we are constantly trying to better understand how best to meet the needs of children, educators, and parents as we strive for excellence in STEM education. To accomplish this, we offer year-round enrichment events for students in grades 3-12 These events are meant to engage students with inquiry-based hands-on activities, and include topics like Robotics, Solar Cars, Rocketry, Sports Medicine, Biotechnology, Circuit Design, Board & Computer Game Design, Kitchen Chemistry, Cyber Security, CSI Investigation, Wildlife Biology, Physics of Filmmaking, Health Sciences, Audio Engineering, and Math Powered Art.

Research Programs 

PIPES (completed) - The Partnership in Innovative Preparation for Educators & Students seeks to respond to the looming shortage of skilled science, technology, engineering and math workers and the lagging performance of students in science and math through innovative and supportive partnerships with parents, educators and professionals. Not only do we want to keep the STEM pipeline full, we also want to increase its diameter by attracting a new generation of creative, artistic and innovative students to solve our future problems. We offer programs for middle and high school students and teachers to increase the pipeline of engineers and scientists. Opportunities include educator professional development, inquiry-based science workshops and summer camps, research and development, and student success intervention programs.

Student Enrichment Programs

Our Academic Year Programs:


A series of science workshops on the UCCS campus that focus on a particular topic in science and math with hands-on projects, labs and guest speakers demonstrating how those topics are being used in society. These events are open to both middle and high school students.

Mind Quest events are held Saturdays, and run from 9 to noon for elementary and middle school students, and 1 to 4 pm for high school students.

Our Summer Programs:

STEM By Me (elementary students - year round)

STEM By Me is a year-round opportunity for 3rd through 5th grade students (grade in the upcoming school year) to engage in fun, hands-on activities on the UCCS campus. Students can attend week-long, half-day STEM camps during the summer, and during the school year they can attend Saturday MindQuest activities created just for them!.

FLITE (First In Leadership, Innovation, Technology, and Engineering)

FLITE offers multiple options for a five day opportunity for middle and high school students to engage in a hands on science and technology project of their choosing alongside an industry mentor.

Summer Engineering Exploration for Kids (SEEK)

SEEK is a one week half-day summer experience where middle and high school students get to work with the cool tools professionals use in technology and engineering occupations. High school students register for Bridge2Engineering and middle school students register for Engineering That matters.

Math Bridge

The Math Bridge program was created to help students make a smooth transition from high school to college mathematics. It runs during the summer and is offered mostly online. It can be taken by high school students who have completed Algebra II.