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Due to specialty projects & camps this year, JumpStart STEM will not be held!
Please check our other offerings for summer 2013!

Past scenarios include:
2012 - The Case of the Crooked Circuit
2011 - CSI: Chocolate Science Investigation... The Case of the Recipe Rip-Off
2010 - Project NEO: Near Earth Object Event
2009 - Toxic Plume Event

What is Jumpstart - STEM?
Have you ever wondered what kind of science, technology, and math go into solving crimes and mitigating disasters?
Are you intrigued by how police and emergency managers use physics, chemistry, biology, and math to deal with crimes and disasters?
If so, then join us for JumpStart - STEM, a scenario driven one week summer experience where you get to work with the professionals in the field and their cool toys to handle a mock emergency and see just how much science, technology, engineering, and math are involved in emergency management, police and fire work.

Who should participate?

Do you like solving mysteries?
Do you like solving problems?
Do you like playing with gadgets, devices, and cool toys?
Do you like working with your friends?
Are you interested in careers that help others through technology and innovation?
Do you like making new friendships that could continue throughout your high school years?
Will you be in middle or high school next year?

If you answered yes to any of these then JumpStart is for you!

When is Jumpstart?

5 Days - Monday through Friday, July 2013 dates TBD mid-March 2013
Middle school starts Monday at 9 a.m., and finishes up Friday at Noon
High school starts Monday at noon, and finishes up Friday at 4 p.m.
Tuesday - Thursday, all students 9:00am to 4:00pm
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
What does Jumpstart cost?
The fee for the 2013 JumpStart summer experience will be determined mid-March 2013.