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Fountain Ft. Carson School District 8
STEM Enrichment Program

UCCS Center for STEM Education and Fountain Ft. Carson School District 8 are partnering to provide in-class STEM workshops for middle and high school students. These workshops are intended to encourage your child's love of science, technology, engineering and math.

Research Program Information

Funded by the Anschutz Family Foundation, we at the Center for STEM education at UCCS are very excited to be partnering with the Fountain-Fort Carson School District-8 to offer your child the opportunity to participate in STEM programs, and as out overall goal, we want to understand how best to encourage students’ interest and involvement in the STEM subjects.

We would like to gather information about the impact of our programs and are asking for your permission to allow your child to participate in our research study. Your choice to grant permission (or not) is strictly voluntary and will not affect your child’s access to STEM programs.

Participants enrolled in our research project will be:

  1. given priority in signing up for future workshops and camps;
  2. eligible to participate in STEM camps at UCCS at a significantly discounted rate;
  3. eligible to enroll in the program, Math Bridge, which will help prepare your child for college math

(All information we gather about your child will remain confidential and private)

Enrollment in our research is optional for this program, but we encourage you to participate because it helps us continue providing programs like these STEM workshops.

If you have any questions, please email: cjones6@uccs.edu

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