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Our Research Program

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The Partnership in Innovative Preparation for Educators & Students (PIPES) Research Program (this research program is now complete)

CSTEME, through our Partnership in Innovative Preparation for Educators and Students (PIPES) research program seeks to respond to the looming shortage of skilled science, technology, engineering and math workers and the lagging performance of students in science and math through innovative and supportive partnerships with parents, educators and professionals. Not only do we want to keep the STEM pipeline full, we also want to increase its diameter by attracting a new generation of creative, artistic and innovative students to solve our future problems. We offer programs for middle and high school students and teachers to increase the pipeline of engineers and scientists. Opportunities include educator professional development, inquiry-based science workshops and summer camps, research and development, and student success intervention programs.

PIPES fulfills its mission by offering:


  • Collect and analyze survey data from students, teachers and parents on program effectiveness in stimulating interest in STEM subjects and long-term attraction and retention in STEM careers.
  • Collect data from standardized tests taken annually by PIPES students and building a longitudinal database of student achievement in STEM subjects
  • Analyze policy and collaboration between K-12, UCCS, and state educational organizations on policy issues affecting education.

Educator Professional Development

  • Pedagogical and inquiry-based development via workshops, seminars, peer groups and conferences.
  • Content area professional development for new-to-the-profession educators or educators teaching out of their subject area.

Student/Parent learning and engagement

  • Attract students, using programs designed with higher education resources, particularly those from underserved populations, to STEM careers.
  • Engage and excite students about STEM fields using a variety of hands-on STEM workshops
  • Provide communication from programs and workshops that inform parents to help encourage their students about STEM subjects and careers.
  • Provide advanced STEM subject learning to high school students in Colorado using postsecondary option programs.

Higher Education Access

  • A strong partnership with Pre-Collegiate programs.
  • Higher Education / High School Mentoring programs.
  • Recruitment and retention services, including those targeted for minority and underrepresented populations.

Information About PIPES Sponsored Programs

Teacher Programs:

Student Programs:

  • MindQuest - Saturday workshops for students in grades 3-12
  • STEM By Me - elementary program for students in grades 3-5
  • FLITE - middle and high school 5-day summer day camp
  • Jumpstart - middle and high school 5-day summer day camp
  • Math Bridge - high school - college math prep