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PIPES Student

What is a PIPES Student?

A PIPES Student is a student who (along with their parent) has agreed to help us learn more about the long-term impact of our PIPES programs on students’ long-term interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers


What benefits are there to becoming a PIPES Student?

  • PIPES Students will receive priority registration for PIPES Events (i.e., Mind Quest Workshops, Summer Camps).
  • PIPES Students also receive a discounted registration fee for PIPES Events.
  • PIPES Students are eligible to apply for scholarship assistance to attend PIPES Events.

What does a PIPES Student do?

In addition to attending PIPES Events, PIPES students and their parents are asked to complete surveys upon joining the PIPES program and after attending a PIPES event.   Students will also be asked to complete surveys annually for several years.  We ask about their opinion and interest in science and math.  We also ask for feedback about their experience in our programs.


What am I agreeing to?

By completing either the paper or the online consent form, you are agreeing to allow your child to participate in our research study and for us to follow your child’s progress as it relates to STEM, for several years.   We will also ask your child to complete surveys annually and after each workshop or day-camp they attend.  We will also ask for your permission to obtain their transcripts and standardized test scores (i.e., ACT, CSAP) related to STEM.  We are also interested in whether PIPES students elect to study STEM subjects in college and to work in STEM careers and will contact you and your child periodically for this information.

Is the information about my child kept confidential?

Complete confidentiality will be maintained, and your child’s name will not be tied to his or her demographic information, student record information, or comments on surveys.  Instead, a code number will be used to identify student information and comments.  Your child’s answers will not be shared with anyone besides PIPES research employees.

Will information about my child be published?

Your child’s individual privacy will be maintained in all publications or presentations resulting from this study.


May I withdraw my permission for my student to be a PIPES Student (enrolled in research)?

Yes, your child’s participation is strictly voluntary and you are free to withdraw your permission for your child to participate in the study at anytime.


Can my student still attend PIPES Events even if they are not a PIPES Student?

Yes, you may register your child for PIPES events as a “Non-Pipes Student.”  However, the cost of attendance is higher and, if the event is full, priority registration will be given to PIPES Students.


How can I get involved as a parent volunteer?

We have many events throughout the year and would welcome your willingness to help out!   We are in particular need of volunteers that have a “STEM” background who might enjoy conducting a workshop related to their area of expertise.  Please visit our volunteer registration page, or feel free to contact us directly by email at: pipes@uccs.edu