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Congratulations for being selected for the 

ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp!

We are working on planning our after-camp follow-up activity. Our attempt to set up a December day has failed, so we are currently focusing on the weekends of January 18th and 25th. We will send out an email with specific information once they are confirmed!

Please complete the online enrollment form.

Before you begin:Download the legal forms information sheet here. This form includes the primary text of the legal forms that we will have filled in and ready for your signature when you arrive on Sunday June 9th.Make sure you have certain information available, like health insurance policy numbers, health history, medication information (dose and purpose) and physician information, and an alternative contact person's information.

Once you begin, please make sure that you start by entering your camper's name when it asks for "your name". Parent information will be asked later in the form!