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PIPEline Partnerships

We all know how important and fun science and math can be for students when placed in a real-world context with hands-on experiences. As classroom teachers devote more of their time and energy to reading, writing and testing, they are struggling to include these real-world, hands-on experiences for their students, yet these teachers see how fun and important hands-on science and math is for their students.

The vision of the Pipeline Partnership is to support classroom teachers by providing opportunities for engaging students in innovative hands-on science experiences that bring together scientific thinking, literacy, and math skills around an in depth, hands-on science project. The UCCS Center for STEM Education offers a variety of ways for educators to provide this invaluable opportunity to their students, including workshop field trips to UCCS, and in-school training sessions for educators in our workshop topics and method of inquiry-based learning! 

Current projects include topics like:

  • The Solar Sprint— students experiment with and build a solar powered model car. Topics covered are gear ratios, friction, aerodynamics, voltage, solar cells, and motion.
  • Rockets—design and build rockets using several different types of engine designs. Topics covered are the laws of motion, chemical reactions, aerodynamics, calculations for speed, acceleration, and force.
  • LEGO Robotics—students investigate the principles of computer programming and robot design to build a robot that accomplishes certain tasks. Topics covered are programming, algorithm design, motion, and mechanics.
  • Environmental Forensics - students investigate an environmental mystery and try to help save the chinchillas!

See the list of available workshops for class fieldtrips

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For more information about how to arrange a field trip for your class, please contact our Program Manager, Kathleen Fitzpatrick