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Sky Sox Math Day

2009-10 Pikes Peak Math Teacher's Circle Workshop Materials

September 22, 2009 Materials

Mad Vet Activity

Mad Vet Discussion and Solutions

October 20, 2009 Materials

Money Ain't for Nothing

Multiples - PPMTC Oct 09

Team Party

Building Blocks Activity Lesson Plan

Building Blocks Activity Page 1, Page 2

Building Blocks Activity Student Worksheet

November 17, 2009 Materials

Frog Frenzy

Answers to Frog Frenzy

February 16, 2010 Materials

handout 1


Building Polyhedra Master Key

Building Polyhedra Worksheet

Lesson Plan Building & Identifying 3-D Figures

Polyhedra Prediction Table

April 20, 2010 Materials

Dice Disease

Catapaulting Projectiles

Wandas Cakes

What is the name of the Game