Minor in Energy Science

Energy Science (c) Wagner ChristianThe Energy Science program is intended to be taken as a minor with various technical and non-technical degrees. Energy Science courses are also intended to supplement degree programs including but not limited to physics, geography, geology, engineering and economics. Interested students are urged to discuss the program with their major advisors.

The energy science program is designed to prepare students for careers in energy fields. Specifically, courses are offered in energy science, solar energy, wind energy, nuclear energy, and related fields such as remote sensing and climatology.

Depending on a student's background and interest, a minor may be obtained which requires knowledge of calculus or courses may be selected to provide a less mathematical minor.


The combination of required courses and electives must total a minimum of 18 credit hours, of which at least nine credit hours must be upper division.

Required Courses
Course Credits
ENSC/PES 1500* Introduction to Energy Science I        OR 3
ENSC/PES 1510* Introduction to Energy Science II 3
ENSC 1600 Introduction to Solar Energy 3
ENSC 1620 Solar Energy Laboratory 1
ENSC 2500 Sustainable Energy Fundamentals 3

*students are required to take ENSC/PES 1500 OR ENSC/PES 1510

Elective Courses

Students must select additional courses from the following list of electives. Other elective courses may be substituted with the approval of the department chair.

Course Credits
PES 2130 General Physics III 3
PES 3130 Modern Physics 3
PES 3170 Instrumentation Laboratory I 2
PES 3180 Instrumentation Laboratory II 2
PES 3410 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics 3
ENSC/GES 3200 Practical Meteorology 4
ENSC 3610 Solar Energy Design (not currently offered) 3
ENSC/PES 3650 Nuclear Energy/Nuclear Physics and Energy Technology 3
ENSC/PES 3670 Exotic Energy Sources/Wind Energy 3
ENSC/GES 4060 Introduction to Remote Sensing 4
ENSC/GES 4090 Image Processing 4
ENSC 4600 Advanced Solar Energy (not currently offered) 3
GES 3250 The Geography of Climate Change 3
GES 4050 Introduction to GIS 4
GES 4800 Sustainability Seminar 2


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