Philosophy Majors and Minors

Professors Cutter, Olkowski, Sassower, Welshon; Associate Professor, Tanner;  Assistant Professors  Scholes, Ashton; Instructors Arangno, Jensen, Hanson, Sullivan, Yarnell; Lecturers Postell and Kuzma; Professors Emeritus Fred Bender, Richard Francis (deceased), and Eldon Stevens (deceased).

Philosophy teaches analytical and critical thinking, develops oral and written communication skills, and contributes to interdisciplinary understanding. Philosophy as a discipline attempts to answer perennial questions about values, human existence, and the nature of reality. Skills developed in this inquiry help philosophy students to excel in careers in law, medicine, management, education, government, writing, computer science, psychology, sociology, and ministry among many others. Philosophy majors consistently score in the top percentiles for all majors on the GRE, LSAT, GMAT, MCAT and other graduate and professional admissions tests.

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