Admission Requirements


Admission to the PGA Golf Management Program is competitive, with each year’s slots going to highly qualified freshman and transfer applicants. The admission decision is based on the applicant’s:

  • High school or transfer GPA
  • Entrance exam scores (ACT or SAT)
  • College preparatory courses described in the UCCS Viewbook
  • A playing handicap or GHIN index not greater than 12.0, verified by an official card or the signature of a coach or PGA member.  Please Click Here for the required verification form. 

Students must apply for admission to both UCCS and the PGA Golf Management Program. For more specific information about the university process, refer to the UCCS Future Student website. Students can complete both the UCCS application and the PGA Golf Management Program application online.


PGA Golf Management Program at UCCS

Admission to the PGA Golf Management Program at UCCS requires the student to qualify for admission to the University. Prospective students apply separately to both the University and the PGA Golf Management Program. These two processes can and should be initiated at the same time. The PGA Golf Management program does not make a decision of admittance into the PGA Golf Management program until admittance is gained from UCCS. The UCCS application should indicate whether residents of Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) states want to be considered for that status.

To gain admission to the PGA Golf Management Program, those students admitted to the University must have a golf handicap (index score) of 12 or less as validated by an official handicap card or other official evidence, or a letter signed by a PGA professional or the high school golf coach.

Admission to the UCCS PGA Golf Management Program is competitive, with each year's slots going to the highest qualified applicants. Incoming classes are held to a maximum of 45 students. This allows the program to maintain it's personal touch with each and every student.

UCCS Admission & Entrance Requirements & Process

A prospective student can apply to the University through an on-line process. Additional information about University admissions may be obtained via the Admission webpage.

To go directly to the on-line University application form click here.

College of Business Entrance Requirements & Process

Students applying to the PGA Golf Management Program should indicate their major on the UCCS application form.

Additional information concerning College of Business and Administration admissions may be viewed on the COB admissions page.

PGA Golf Management Entrance Requirements & Process

Applicants are also expected to meet the PGA's membership requirements by the time they are ready to graduate. These requirements are listed online at PGA links.

In addition to the university application, PGA Golf Management applicants must complete the separate application to the PGA Golf Management program. This application will be processed after the university admission decision has been made. The PGA Golf Management Program application must be accompanied by sufficient evidence that the student has an official handicap of 12 or lower. This evidence may consist of documentation that the Playing Ability Test has been passed, a copy of an official handicap card, or a certification by the student's coach or a PGA member familiar with the student's skill level. The PGA Golf Management application will not be processed until the evidence is submitted.