Important Links

Important UCCS PGA Golf Management related sites

Financial Aid
PGA/PGA Golf Management students are eligible to receive financial aid from or through the university.

Visit the PGA website to learn more about the professional training courses that are part of your PGA Golf Management program.

UCCS Golf Team
Check out this link to learn about the nationally-ranked Division II Mountain Lion Men's Golf Team. News stories, player profiles and more.

Athletic Department
This website provides information about the full scope of athletics at CU - Colorado Springs. Access all the University sports teams from this location.

UCCS Admissions
This link takes you to the on-line University application process. Download an application form to mail in or just take care of it on-line.
Be sure to identify Professional Golf Management as your major on the university application form.

UCCS Information
If you want more information about the University, here's your chance. Go here, fill out the request form and the University will send it to you. You can also view the catalog on-line.