Scholarships & Awards

The PGA Golf Management Program at UCCS is proud to offer Scholarship and Award opportunities for our current students.  In Total, these opportunities are worth up to $20,500 each year for chosen PGA Golf Management Students!

The following is a list of the Scholarship & Award opportunities available to current students.  Please CLICK HERE for an in-depth printable version of this information.

Directors Award - Award given to a student based upon their individual contributions to the PGA Golf Management Program (selected by the PGA Golf Management Program Team)

Student Society Award - Award given to a student for academic achievements and active involvement in the PGA Golf Management Student Society (MUST APPLY TO BE ELIGIBLE)

Academics Awards - Awarded to the student with the highest GPA in each PGA Golf Management Cohort

Internship Performance Awards - Award given to (2) students who have outstanding performance on their 2nd or 3rd internship coupled with academic excellence and strong Program involvement (MUST APPLY TO BE ELIGIBLE)

Palermo Award - Award given to the most improved player for each semester, Fall & Spring

Ed Kelbel Colorado Section Award - This award is designed to recognize the efforts of one PGM student who has shown an outstanding commitment to the golf community through partnership with the Colorado Section of the PGA and has gained a significant amount as a result (MUST APPLY TO BE ELIGIBLE)

Gary Loo Community Service and Involvement Award - Awarded to the student who goes “above & beyond” with community service and Program involvement (MUST APPLY TO BE ELIGIBLE)

George B. Lee Foundation - (INACTIVE 2013, RETURNING 2014) (2) Renewable scholarships awarded to Colorado High School graduates currently attending a PGA Golf Management University (MUST APPLY TO BE ELIGIBLE)

Don Rossi National Golf Foundation Scholarship - 2-3 Scholarships are available to rising juniors and seniors who are majoring in Sports Administration, Golf Enterprise Management or Sports Managemetn, and who intend to pursue a career in a golf-related field (MUST APPLY TO BE ELIGIBLE)

Julius Chambers PGA Diversity Scholarship - The PGA Golf Management University Diversity Scholarship is part of The PGA’s strategy to diversify the game, the industry, and PGA membership. The program is targeted to close the diversity disparity gap that currently exists within these areas, with the goal to attract and retain the best and brightest individuals of color, as well as females to the game while preparing these individuals for a career within the industry as a PGA member (MUST APPLY TO BE ELIGIBLE)

Ed Kelbel Memorial Scholarship - Share your favorite memory of Ed Kelbel. You are encouraged to use a saying that he may have used in class, a song he started class with, used in a lecture or an experience with him on the course or range.  The purpose of the essay is to explain how Ed’s phrases, golf lessons, class lecture or professionalism impacted you in your life and/or golf game or work experience (MUST APPLY TO BE ELIGIBLE)