PGA Professional Training

The UCCS College of Business cooperates in partnership with the PGA of America to take PGA Golf Management Program students through the PGA Golf Management training program designed and implemented by the PGA. This process includes knowledge tests that are administered on our campus by a team from the PGA. This team also presents mandatory professional seminars upon completion of the checkpoints.

The training program consists of completing a series of activities that provide the essential knowledge and skills required to succeed in a golf career. The program is divided into four levels. The specific subjects are shown in this table:

Level One

Level Two

Level Three

PGA Constitution

Business Communications

Merchandise/Inventory Managment

Rules of Golf

Turf Grass Management

Food & Beverage Control

Tournament Operations

PGA Elective


Philosophy of the Swing

Golf Car Fleet Management



Golf Club Design & Repair



Career Enhancement



Golfer Development



Introduction to Teaching



Level 1 Checkpoint

Level 2 Checkpoint

Level 3 Checkpoint

Checkpoint Seminars

Checkpoint Seminars

Final Experience Challenge

Business Planning and Operations

Merchandise and Inventory Control

Response Presentation

Analysis of the Swing

Swing Concepts of Teaching

Employment Interview

Customer Relations

Supervising & Delegating



Students should note that program and course fees for PGA Golf Management are in addition to regular university tuition and fees.

PGA Golf Management students must also pass the Playing Ability Test (PAT) before graduation. The PAT is administered by sections of the PGA all over the country. To pass this test, the student must complete 36 holes (in a single day) from the middle tees at a combined score no greater than 15 strokes over the course rating from the middle tees. Female participants play the course from tees determined by the PGA's distance equivalent formula.

UCCS students are encouraged to attempt the PAT as soon as possible and as often as necessary until it is passed. PGA standards for PGA Golf Management Programs require students to attempt it at least once in the freshman year, at least twice in the sophomore year, and at least three times in the junior year. Incoming students are encouraged to attempt the PAT in the summer prior to their enrollment. The UCCS PGA Golf Management Program's player development activities are provided to assist UCCS students in preparing for and passing this test.