golf internships

Internships are integral to preparing a student for a career in the golf industry because these experiences provide a primary source of knowledge, build confidence, and strengthen the resume for future employment.

Students participate in three internships that are equally spaced throughout the program for a total of 16 months. They are scheduled to occur as follows:

* The summer after the freshman year. (3 months)
* The summer and fall after the sophomore year. (6-7 months)
* The summer and fall after the senior year. (6-7 months)

This part of the Program provides a wide variety of internship experiences in one or more of the 25 career paths recognized by the PGA of America as suitable for obtaining membership. Every UCCS PGA Golf Management student is required to complete at least one internship at a sponsoring golf facility to learn the fundamental activities of the "green grass" segment of the industry. Other internships will be assigned to provide experience supporting the student's specific career interest and life goals.

All internships are completed under the direction and guidance of the Program staff and qualified and committed PGA professional mentors at sites all over the United States and other countries. Before an assignment is made, the site must be reviewed and approved by the Internship Coordinator. Students will submit reports on their experience and receive academic credit for their internships.

UCCS invites inquiries from operators of potential internship sites about their participation in our program.

Organizations wishing to host an internship should fill out the Internship Profile.

Below are forms regarding the Student Internship program:


Applicants and other potential students can obtain information about existing sites by contacting our Internship Coordinator Mr. Mark Bacheldor, PGA.