The Sun Palace: A Tribute to Cragmor Sanatorium | 11.2 - 11.3.12

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The Sun Palace: A Tribute to Cragmor
("hyperopera"/ a multidisciplinary event)
Friday, 2 November 2012, 7:30pm
Saturday, 3 November 2012, 3:00pm
Venue: Berger Hall (located in University Center), University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

The Sun Palace is a multi-media performance that pays tribute to the history of Cragmor in its heyday as a tuberculosis sanatorium. In the early years of the 20th century, it flourished as a luxury establishment for wealthy society elites from far and wide to rest and chase the cure of America's leading cause of death: tuberculosis. The fresh air and sunshine offered the best prescription for treating the disease that had no other cure at that time. Cragmor attracted the richest victims, including many celebrities and artists who mentioned that they were "vacationing in Colorado "until further notice, such was the stigma of the disease.. Some stayed behind after their recovery and helped Colorado Springs prosper. Thus a bacterium led to the creation of a sizeable city.

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