Peak FreQuency 2013 - 2014 Concert Series

Arnold Schoenberg painting

Ich fühle Luft von anderem Planeten/I feel the air from another planet:
            The Second Viennese School and German Expressionism

Wednesday, 12 March 2014, 7:30pm
Dusty Loo Bon Vivant Theater, 3955 Regent Circle, Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Curated and conducted by UCCS Music faculty Colin McAllister, this concert is conceived as a musical counterpart to (and will be staged on the set of) the UCCS/THEATREWORKS student production of the Georg Büchner play Woyzeck, directed by UCCS Theatre and Dance director Kevin Landis. 

Ensemble Peak FreQuency will perform a classic of the early 20th century, Arnold Schoenberg's melodrama Pierrot Lunaire, op.21 for soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano, which sets a cycle of short poems by the Belgian writer Albert Giraud.  Also on the program will be Anton Webern's Variations, op. 27 and the Sound Poems of Hugo Ball. Featured performers include: Solveig Olsen - soprano, Jane Rigler - flute, Sergei Vassiliev - clarinet, Martha Morrison - violin, Susan Smith - cello, Angelina Gadeliya - piano and Colin McAllister - conductor.

Schoenberg's atonal music remains as elusive as it has ever been, still among the most complex phenomena in the entire world of art. Although written for a small audience and making no concession to the popular taste, Schoenberg's atonal works continue to grasp and hold the musical imagination, speaking plainly to a state of human consciousness that is not addressed by other forms of artistic utterance.
             - Bryan Simms, The Atonal Music of Arnold Schoenberg


Jane Rigler

Jane Rigler, flute & electronics
Maria Mandico, guest flautist
Wednesday, 19 March 2014, 7:30pm
Centennial Hall Auditorium

Jane Rigler (flute and electronics) will be performing works by composers Allison Johnson, Pamela Madsen and Steve Reich. She will also be playing her own compositions with electronics and for two flutes featuring local flutist Maria Mandico.

This concert is in conjunction with: Creative Chats on Sound & Music featuring Jane Rigler and Colin McAllister, GOCA1420 (on campus). Thursday, 20 March 2014, 12 pm. Free and open to the public.


Shackle  - Anne La Berge and Deckard
Wednesday, 2 April 2014, 7:30pm
Centennial Hall Auditorium

Shackle is Anne LaBerge on flute and electronics and Deckard on laptop-instrument. Their aim is to explicity and subtly exploit shackling in both concept and material.

shackle |ˈ sh akəl|
1. used in reference to something that restrains or impedes.
2. a metal link, typically U-shaped, closed by a bolt, used to secure a chain or rope to something.
Old English of Germanic origin; related to Dutch schakel 'link, coupling'.

This extraordinarily inventive duo has a way of making music all their own. At the heart of their duo is a self-designed, cutting-edge digital cueing system which operates as a sometimes visible third member. Both prodding and reactive, the Shackle system suggests musical directions and textures to these two highly gifted performers, opening up a fascinating array of sonic choices for La Berge and Deckard to play with and against.

Improvisation and structure coincide effortlessly in Shackle's music. Working with a computerized communication system that proposes various compositional elements to each player, they can then choose whether or not to cooperate with the proposed material. Proposals involve aspects of restriction, either in sound material, timing, dynamics or other musical parameters.

Shackle's performances explode the line between improvisation without borders and tightly controlled forms that are both playful and daring. With uncanny transitions that turn on a dime and long, spun-out tapestries of sound, Shackle's music works on two levels at once: full of delightful discoveries that can happen in the blink of an eye, La Berge and Deckard savor the possibilities that those discoveries offer up.

Shackle is online at


Past 2013 - 2014 Events

charles curtis

Sound as Experience: Cellist Charles Curtis in concert
Monday, 9 September 2013
, 7:00pm

A vital arena in creative music and sound art which focuses on pure acoustics and spatial relationships - the conceptual approaches of La Monte Young, Alvin Lucier and Éliane Radigue, for example - is the enhanced role assigned to audience as participatory listener. Interactive in the most fundamental way, and often presented as installation, this music is engaged with and interpreted through a listener's movement within the phenomena of sound in acoustic space. Anchoring the concert will be the world premiere performance of Christian Wolff's One Cellist, written for Curtis and commissioned by Peak FreQuency for this event. Additional repertoire will include fourteenth-century monophony of Machaut, early English and Italian viol music by Tobias Hume and Sylvestro Ganassi, and more recent work by Alvin Lucier, Éliane Radigue, Tashi Wada and Morton Feldman.

Called by ArtForum "one of the great cellists" as well as "spellbinding and minimal," Charles Curtis has woven a unique career through the worlds of classical performance and musical experimentation. Curtis is an internationally acclaimed cellist of new and experimental music, with a special emphasis on the interpretation of the post-John Cage American avant-garde. He has worked extensively with pioneers of new music La Monte Young, Alvin Lucier and Éliane Radigue in collaborations which straddle the boundaries between concert performance, installation and sound art. Curtis has commissioned and premiered works that re-define the cello, re-frame its basic acoustics, and place the fundamental physics of instrument and performance space in a new light. Curtis has led La Monte Young's legendary Theatre of Eternal Music String Ensemble for more than two decades, and he is a member of The Just Alap Raga Ensemble, the performance group of La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela. Alvin Lucier's compositions dedicated to Curtis include works for solo cello and pre-recorded orchestra, cello and sine waves, and cello and piano. Eliane Radigue, a pioneer of tape music composition since the 1950's, created her very first work for an acoustic instrument, Naldjorlak, specifically for Curtis. Fluxus artists Alison Knowles and Mieko Shiomi have also created original music for Curtis, including graphic and text-based scores.

Tickets are FREE, but must be reserved in advance by visiting:

anthony davis

National Treasures: Anthony Davis in Residence
Tuesday, 17 September 2013, 7:00pm

With a finale concert on September 17th, Composer / Pianist Anthony Davis will begin his residency as the special guest in the Prologue Series from Theatreworks and the UCCS Theatre Program in conjunction with the Pulitzer Prize winning play Seven Guitars. The concert includes two quintets, arias from two of Davis's operas, and solo piano works. Our all-star lineup includes Anthony Davis - piano, Solveig Olsen - soprano, Glen Whitehead - trumpet, Sondra Bell - trombone, Marc Neihof - bass and Carl Cook - drums/percussion. During his stay, Davis will present workshops/lectures on his opera works, work with students on opera scenes and improvised / composition and will perform concert with faculty and students featuring his work.

Called "A National Treasure" by Opera News for his pioneering work in opera, Anthony Davis' music has made an important contribution not only in opera, but in chamber, choral and orchestral music. He has been on the cutting edge of improvised music and Jazz for over three decades. Anthony Davis continues to explore new avenues of expression while retaining a distinctly original voice. Mr. Davis has composed five operas. X: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF MALCOLM X with a libretto by Thulani Davis, had its world premiere at the New York City Opera in 1986. His latest opera, Lilith (libretto by Allan Havis) had its world premiere at the Conrad Prebys Music Center in UCSD in 2009.

Tickets are FREE, but must be reserved in advance by visiting:

Stephanie Winters

The Magic of Connection: A Concert with Cellist Stephanie Winters
performing J.S. Bach's Unaccompanied Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major
Thursday, 26 September 2013, 7:30pm
Heller Center for the Arts & Humanities, UCCS

Speaker and cellist Stephanie Winters explores five elements that help create the magic of connection and illustrates her insights through her live performance of a Bach cello suite. She offers pointers for her audience to reflect on their own processes for creating a stronger connection in each and every relationship and interaction with others.

Winters is a New York-based performance expert, who uses the vehicle of music to give people the tools to experience their own potential and achieve excellence in the workplace. She is a cellist with a wide-ranging career as a speaker and performing artist. Stephanie has spoken and performed at leadership training events for the World Bank, UK Sport Peak Performance Conference, United Nations Development Program and International Finance Corporation - as well as at universities in the United States, United Kingdom, Malaysia and Thailand.

Tim Eriksen          psychoangelo       
ormao dance logo

Resistance and Rebellion: Remember the Past to Carve the Future

Friday, 31 January 2014, 7:00pm


In connection with the 100-year anniversary of the southern Colorado Ludlow Massacre - a watershed moment in American labor relations - Ensemble Peak FreQuency of the UCCS Music Program joins with hardcore americana folk artist Tim Eriksen, the Ormao Dance Company, and acoustic-electro device duo Psychoangelo in a collage performance with an ear towards social justice and political consciousness, connecting the past, present and future through sound, space, song and movement. This concert will include American folk songs and new works by Psychoangelo, all enwrapped in Ormao's dance, directed and choreographed by Janet Johnson and Mollie Wolf. 

isbin & walton duo

Isbin/Walton Duo

Saturday, 8 March 2014, 7:30pm
The Modbo (17C E. Bijou St., Colorado Springs, 80903)

Pairing lute and contrabass, the Isbin/Walton duo is a genre defying collaboration, referencing medieval and Renaissance sources, progressive jazz, free improvisation, and the classical avant-garde. Moving seamlessly from compelling grooves to abstract sound worlds, their music is lyrical and angular, expressive and evocative, honest and virtuosic - bound by telepathic interplay and inspired improvisation. Joining the duo will be special guests Glen Whitehead - trumpet, Jane Rigler - flute and Randy Bowen - drums.

* * All events are free and open to the public * *

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Peak FreQuency is supported by the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences and the Visual and Performing Arts Department.

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