2012-2013 Season

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
Department of Visual and Performing Arts/Music
Peak FreQuency: Pioneers of Music Festival

Instant Composers Pool Orchestra
Special guest Artists from Amsterdam, Holland
Tuesday, 2 April 2013, 7:30pm

Berger Hall, University Center

Instant Composers Pool Orchestra

The ICP, or Instant Composers Pool, was founded by European musical legends Han Bennink (drums) and Misha Mingelberg (piano) in 1967 after they played on Eric Dolphy's  recording "Last Date."  This long-standing Amsterdam-based group is a blend of European improvised music, part jazz band, part chamber orchestra, and executed in the Dutch irreverent style known as "Dutch Swing." All of these forces combine into a highly sophisticated yet enjoyable music that has astonished and impressed music lovers for several decades.

Listening with Pauline Oliveros
Artist Residency, April 10-13, 2013

Pauline Oliveros

Pauline Oliveros, composer, performer, sound artist, electronic musician and humanitarian, is an important pioneer in American Music. Acclaimed internationally through hundreds of awards and grants, for four decades she has explored sound  forging new ground for herself and others.  Whether performing at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., in an underground cavern, or in the studios of West German Radio, Oliveros' commitment to interaction with community in any given moment  profoundly affects those who experience it. Through Deep Listening Pieces and Sonic Meditations Oliveros introduced the concept of incorporating all environmental sounds into musical performance.  She also incorporates various ancient martial arts like Tai Chi in her education and musical/sonic practices.  In performance Oliveros uses an accordion which has been re-tuned in two different systems of just intonation in addition to electronics to alter the sound of the accordion and to explore the individual characteristics of each room (or venue).  The Deep Listening Institute® has designed and created under her supervision the extraordinary Adaptive Use Musical Instruments (AUMI), which is a device and software program that can facilitate and empower musical expression for students with disabilities. This residency seeks to transform the societal assumption about who can play music by dissolving the barriers between all people in the Pikes Peak region.

Friday, April 12, 3pm
Heller Center for the Arts & Humanities
Meet-Greet-Interact with Pauline Oliveros: audience will participate in a collaborative Deep Listening environment.

Saturday, April 13, 7:30pm
Centennial Hall, UCCS
Pauline Oliveros, solo and ensemble works
Pauline Oliveros performs solo and is joined by UCCS Music students and faculty members of Ensemble Peak FreQuency


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The UCCS VAPA Music program is grateful for the funding of this residency by the Roser Visiting Artist Endowment as well as support by the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences and the Visual and Performing Arts Department.

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