PALS - Partners for Advanced Leadership & Success

What is PALS? How do I get involved?

PALS focuses on the development of middle school students transitioning into high school.

By participating in a wide array of activities focusing on group communication, teamwork, active listening, self-leadership and trust, the PALS gain necessary knowledge and skill-sets to help them succeed in their high school environment.

All workshops are oriented around the "ABCDs" of leadership.

A: Active Listening

B: Bringing People Together

C: Conflict Management

D: Diversity

As an additional leadership experience, PALS assist in facilitating numerous activities and workshops oriented toward other middle school students. This allows the PALS to experience, first-hand, leading their peers and putting their skills obtained in workshops to the test.

All 7th and 8th grade students are welcome to apply to become a member of PALS.


For more information contact:
Coral Laski, Assistant Director
(719) 255-3299


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PALS Summer Camp

PALS Summer Camp

During the summer we hold two day-long camps for middle school students! At these camps, students will engage in a variety of activities focusing on self-leadership, active listening, group communication, STEM, and internet communication and safety.

Eighth grade students will benefit from the discussion of successfully transitioning from middle school to high schoo!

Our PALS who participated in the pilot program serve a facilitating role in the Mini-Univeristy.