High School Program


* Provide comprehensive college preparation

* Facilitate career exploration, higher education opportunities
and leadership development

*Establish a bridge program to higher education



Program Benefits 

*Academic advising throughout high school to
better prepare for college

*Opportunities to learn about new subjects and acquire
better study skills

*Tools to improve interpersonal communication and
leadership skills

*Registration assistance for the ACT college exam

*Assistance with college admissions, scholarships
and financial aid applications

*Access and referrals to community and campus resources

Criteria for Selection Academic Year Activities
  • Attend a target high school
  • Be an academically motivated first-generation college student (neither parent has received a 4-year college degree)
  • Have a minimum 2.5 grade point average in high school
  • Meet one or more of following requirements:
    • Be a member of a one-parent family
    • Be the eldest child in the family
    • Have the desire to continue in education beyond high school
Note: PCDP reserves the right (on a case-by-case basis, based on available openings and funding) to make exceptions to any of these admission criteria.
  • Saturday Academy workshops
    • Financial Aid/Scholarships
    • Family Financial Planning
    • College Preparation seminars
    • Study Skills Development
    • Interpersonal Communication skills
  • Parent Alliance Group meetings
  • Academic Support services
  • Leadership Development
  • ACT Educational Planning and Assessment System (EPAS)
  • Monitoring of Academic Progress – Minimum Academic Preparation Standards (MAPS)