Pre-Collegiate Development Program

Concurrent Enrollment

Through partnerships with local school districts, Pre-Collegiate is able to offer concurrent enrollment courses during the academic year as well as during the Summer Academic Institute. During the student's rising 10th grade summer, PCDP students will self-select into a career pathway. Currently, PCDP offers five (5) pathways: Business, Education, Engineering, Health Professions, and Human Services. Students who participate for the full duration of the program have the opportunity to earn up to 30 college credits!

Professional Development

It's not enough to just take college courses in high school. The college process can be intimidating. For that reason, all PCDP students will take part in professional development workshops throughout the academic year. Workshops will take place in school buildings, as well as on Saturday's at the UCCS campus. Workshops range from academic skill building (note taking, learning styles, test preparation, etc.) to non-cognitive skills (motivation, positive psychology, critical thinking, etc.) and even beyond to leadership, group communication, and most importantly college readiness (FAFSA help, scholarship writing, college admissions, etc.).

Community Engagement

One of the number one cited reasons that students do not get the scholarship they apply for is due to lack of community service. For that reason, PCDP students will have the opportunity to participate in different service opportunities on campus and in the community. We believe that these opportunities will not only help improve the students' resumes but will also help the students decide for themselves what they want to do after high school, while also making worthwhile connections within the local community.