Paw Prints

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  Single Sided Printing   
  $0.06 per page      Example:
  33 single sided pages will charge $2.00 to your account.   
  Double Sided Printing   
  $0.08 per page      Example: 
  25 double sided pages will charge $2.00 to your account.  


New Students receive a $2.00 credit towards their Paw Prints balance.  Once this amount has been used, Paw Prints are charged weekly to your UCCS Student Bill through the Bursar's Office.  Any printing costs under $2.00 will be listed as a $2.00 charge on your bill.  Once charged, the remaining amount will be re-credited to your Paw Prints account.   Paw Prints charges are sent to the Bursars Office weekly for processing.

Faculty and staff members are billed through their home department, or as a student if concurrently enrolled.