Paw Prints

The UCCS IT Department provides printing services in the open computer labs and computerized classrooms.  By default the IT Lab computers will connect to the Follow-You-Printing queue, allowing customers to collect their print jobs from any of the Follow-You-Printing Release Stations.  Customers can also choose a nearby Paw Prints printer from the list of available devices, all you have to do is confirm the formatting and printer settings for your print job.  Only letter-sized paper is supported when printing in the Computer Labs, if you have special formatting needs please visit the Copy Center.

When a print job is sent from an IT Lab computer, a popup dialog box will appear asking you to confirm the total number of pages, single-sided or double-sided formatting, and the total cost of your print job.  Once you have reviewed and confirmed the total, the print job will be sent to the printer you selected and the amount will automatically be charged to your account and be visible on your bill.  New students recieve their first $2.00 worth of printing for free!