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Throughout their academic career, students should try to combine their studies with a variety of out-of-classroom experiences. UCCS has a lot to offer students whether or not your student chooses to live on campus. From concerts, to sporting events, to significant speakers, and clubs/organizations, there is always something to get involved in and something to do.

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As of September 2013, UCCS has instituted an on-campus residency requirement for freshmen students admitted for the fall of 2014 academic term and beyond (excluding summer term).  Freshmen who are under the age of 20 and have less than 30 hours of completed college course work will be required to live in UCCS Residence Life and Housing's residence halls.

Colorado residents of El Paso, Teller, Douglas and Pueblo counties are exempt from this residency requirement; however, it is highly encouraged that all freshmen explore living on the UCCS campus for a positive college transition and more successful academic and social experience. Living on-campus does offer a lot of conveniences that you and your student may want to consider when making the decision to live on-campus or at home. On-campus housing offers an environment that promotes safety and security, your student will benefit from the chance to learn about other cultures, lifestyles, form lifelong friends, and make lasting memories. In addition, living on-campus allows easy access to campus resources, entertainment, activities, programs, and events. Students living in residence halls typically do better academically and are more likely to remain enrolled at UCCS than students who commute. For more information regarding living on-campus, please visit, call 719-255-4042, or email

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Regardless of their living situation, on-campus or at home, encourage them to take advantage of student activities, events, and leadership opportunities provided by the Department of Student Life and Leadership. The department provides all UCCS students with engaging co-curricular activities to make their respective college experiences complete. Hosting over 200 clubs and organizations, the Student Government Association, UCCS Radio Station, the Scribe student newspaper, and the Office of Student Activities and Fraternity and Sorority Life, we strive to create enriching leadership opportunities, educational programming, and entertainment activities. UCCS clubs range from cultural, educational, and social to religious, political, and recreational, all of which provide a vast menu of programs and activities for students to join. Students may also start their own student club at any point during the year.  The Student Government Association is our representative student organization which advocates for all UCCS students. The Office of Student Activities (OSA) provides over 200 events per year, which includes traditional programs like Clyde's Kick-off, Disorientation week, Homecoming, Roar Daze, concerts, speakers and much more. Combined with a wide variety of weekend programs, OSA seeks to meet the unique interests of our diverse student body. Students can learn more about all there is to offer by signing up for Mountain Lion Connect.

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Campus Resources for Involvement

                            · Campus Recreation, 719-255-7515, Recreation Center                          

                                 · Athletics, 719-255-3601, University Center

                                 · International Affairs and Education Abroad, 719-255-3618, Main Hall 106

                                 · MOSAIC (Multicultural Office), 719-255-3040, University Center 110

                                 · Residence Life and Housing, 719-255-4042, Monarch House at Summit Village

                                 · Student Employment, 719-255-3460, Cragmor Hall 201

                                · Student Life and Leadership, 719-255-3470, University Center 1st floor