Frequently Asked Questions


+ My student is struggling in classes, what academic support does UCCS offer?

UCCS offers a variety of academic support to all students. If your first year student is having a hard time academically or transitionally, please have him/her reach out to his/her Success Coach through the Office of First Year Experience. Your student's Success Coach can help create an action plan to assist your student. The Success Coach can also help your student get connected to additional university resources (such as tutoring) to help them get back on track. If you student is not a first year student, their academic advisor will be able to assist them.

+ My student is interested in changing their major, how would they do that?

To change a major, students need to meet with their Academic Advisor. To schedule an appointment please have your student call, 719-255-3260.

+ My student isn’t sure their major is right for them, what should I do?

If your student is having doubts about their major, have them schedule a FOCUS2 assessment through the Career Center. This assessment, and interpretation, will help your student narrow their focus on what majors might be right for them. To schedule an assessment please contact, 719-255-3340.

+ Where can I find class schedules and course information?

Class schedules, course information, and the UCCS Bulletin can be found through our Course Information Center. Your student can also access course schedules through his/her student portal.

+ My student wants to know whether he/she will get university credit from my AP/IB scores, who can I talk to?

Click here for a complete breakdown of what AP/IB scores are needed to receive university credit. If your student's score should have earned credit but it is not showing up on his/her transcript please have your student contact Academic Advising at 719-255-3260.

+ My student isn't sure whether college credits from previous institutions transferred to UCCS.

If your student believes previous college courses were not applied properly to his/her degree please have your student contact Academic Advising.

+ How does my student drop a course?

To drop a course, have your student contact Admissions and Records at 719-255-3361. A staff member will help your student through the process.

+ My student dropped a course, will I get a refund?

If the student dropped the course after Census Date you will not receive any tuition refund.

+ What is the Early Alert Program and how does it work?

The Early Alert Program is designed to assist struggling first year students by identifying problem areas and working to get them back on track. Each semester, the Office of First Year Experience collaborates with faculty to identify struggling students and connect them with academic support. 

+ Are parents notified if their student is on Early Alert?

No. The Early Alert Program is designed to work directly with the student to help improve their academic skills to get them back on track. As such, the Office of First Year Experience does everything in its power to contact your student should they be on alert. Due to FERPA regulations, your student's educational records cannot be shared without written consent from the student. Even if a FERPA Permission Form has been submitted, parents are not notified if students are on alert, but can contact the Office of First Year Experience at 719-255-7551 with questions regarding their student.

+ Are faculty members required to participate in the Early Alert Program?

Faculty are not required to participate in the Early Alert Program, but many choose to participate.

+ What is the Gateway Program Seminar?

The Gateway Program Seminar (GPS) is the first course your student will take as part of the new Compass Curriculum. GPS will help them navigate the university, its offerings and resources, and become part of the campus community.

+ What are Preview Daze?

Preview Daze are the first two days of the Gateway Program Seminar. These days count as class time and are designed to introduce your student to UCCS and their classmates. Students enrolled in GPS 1010 are required to attend Preview Daze.

+ Does the Gateway Program Seminar end earlier than other classes?

Yes. Gateway Program Seminars end mid-november.

+ Do all incoming students need to take the Math Placement Test?

Most students are required to take the Math Placement Test.

+ My student is having troubling in classes, does UCCS offer any tutoring services?

UCCS offers of a variety of tutoring services to all students free of charge. We encourage your student to utilize the Academic Centers for Excellence (Communication, Languages and Social Sciences, Math, Science, and Writing) to prepare for classes.

College Living and Student Life

+ I don’t know whether or not my student is exempt from the on-campus living requirement.

As of September 2013, UCCS instituted an on-campus residency requirement for freshmen students admitted for the fall of 2014 academic term and beyond (excluding summer term). Freshmen who are under the age of 20 and have less than 30 hours of completed college course work will be required to live in UCCS Residence Life and Housing's residence halls. Colorado residents of El Paso, Teller, Douglas and Pueblo counties are exempt from this residency requirement; however, it is highly encouraged that all freshmen explore living on the UCCS campus for a positive college transition and more successful academic and social experience. For additional information on the residency requirement, as well as to access the Exemption form, CLICK HERE.

+ Where do I go/how do I apply for on-campus housing?

To apply for on-campus housing, please complete the online housing application. Keep in mind, freshmen typically live in Summit or Timberline Villages, while Alpine Village is reserved for upper-classmen and graduate students.

+ What are the Meal Plan options for on-campus students?

A Meal Plan is required for on-campus students and is included in the Room/Board Package Price. Currently, Residence Life offers five different options for student Meal Plans.

+ What should I bring for living on-campus?

For a list of recommended items to bring please visit the Residence Life and Housing Webpage. Don’t forget, all beds in the Villages are twin XL; normal length sheets will not fit on the mattresses.

+ How can students return books if they’re no longer enrolled in the class?

Books must be returned within 7 days of dropping the course. Bookstore policy is that all returns, refunds, and exchanges require the original receipt. New textbooks must be returned in new selling condition. If originally shrink wrapped, the wrap must still be intact.

+ How does Textbook Buy Back work?

Textbook Buy Back is normally scheduled during the first week of the semester and finals week. Books are bought back based on demand for the next semester on our campus, as well as nationally by other bookstores. Generally students can expect 25-50% of the original retail price.

+ How do textbook rentals work?

The Bookstore will generally have 300-440 titles available to rent in-store. Students rent one or more books for the semester, and return the book(s) at the end of finals week. If the book is not returned, the student pays the difference between the rental cost and the retail cost, as well as penalty fees. 

+ Where can I find map of campus?

You can find a map of the UCCS campus by visiting,

+ My student really would like to get involved, what clubs does UCCS offer?

UCCS has over 200 clubs for students to join, so no matter their interests there is something for them. Clubs come in all shapes and sizes, everything from academic interest groups to hobby groups, cultural groups to religious groups, and everything in between. Encourage your student to log in to Mountain Lion Connect to see all that UCCS has to offer.

+ My student wants to participate in college athletics, what now?

If your student is interested in pursuing college athletics, please visit our Mountain Lion Athletics website, or contact the UCCS Athletic Department, 719-255-3601.

+ My student like sports, how can he/she get involved?

UCCS offers a variety of activities for students interested in sports, everything from pick-up games to sanctioned inter-collegiate events. Intramurals provide a great opportunity for students to stay active and meet new friends in an inviting atmosphere. If your student is interested in competing against other colleges have them look into the Club Sports offerings.

+ My student doesn’t have a lot of time to commit to clubs or sports, is there anything for them?

UCCS tries to offer a variety of events for students with busy schedules. The Office of Student Activities puts on over 140 events per year just for students. These events include concerts, speakers, movie nights, and much more. If your student likes the outdoors, have them look into the Student Outdoor Leadership Experiences (S.O.L.E.) program. The S.O.L.E. program offers a variety of 1-day or overnight trips designed to let students experience the outdoors. 

+ My student is having trouble fitting in, where can they go?

If your student shares with you that he/she doesn't fit in or doesn't know how to get involved on campus, please have your student contact his/her Success Coach at 719-255-7551. Success Coaches can help your student get connected to other resources, clubs, and organizations that might help UCCS feel a little more like home.

+ What’s happening around UCCS?

Lots of things! Check out the UCCS Events Calendar.

+ What are the dates and times for move-in?

For the most up-to-date information regarding move-in please contact Housing at 719-255-4042.

Communication and Technology

+ Are laptop computers required?

Computers are not required at UCCS. We have over 400 computers in our labs available to all students. However, many students find it convenient to use their own computers. UCCS has wireless throughout the buildings on the main campus. Most laptops have no problems connecting to our system. Wall ports are also available for connection to our network. Students may contact the IT Help Desk with further questions.

+ How do students get computer access?

Limited access student accounts are created automatically after being admitted to UCCS. These accounts allow access to Webmail and the Student Portal to register for classes. By noon, the second weekday after registration, the accounts are upgraded to allow full access to UCCS network. Students may claim their UCCS email account by visiting the IT Department webpage.

Health, Well-Being, and Safety

+ Does UCCS offer counseling services?

The University Counseling Center (UCC) is available to help your student. The clinical services offered by the UCC include individual, couple, group, and family therapy. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please have your student call 719-255-3265.

+ My student received accomodations in high school, how can I be sure my student will continue to receive accommodations at college?

We recommend contacting Disability Services (719-255-3354) before the semester begins to schedule an intake interview to discuss possible accommodations. Documentation is needed before an intake interview. 

+ What services does the Student Health Center offer?

The UCCS Student Health Center is committed to providing affordable, quality health care and personalized health education so that students can make informed decisions regarding their health. Many services are provided including evaluation and treatment of acute illness and injuries. F

+ What immunizations does my student need?

All immunization information can be found at,

+ Is campus safe?

Yes, we believe the UCCS campus is a very safe environment and to that end we offer numerous crime prevention and self-defense programs for students to attend. UCCS also publishes the Annual Security Report for your viewing. In addition, UCCS participates in E2Campus text messaging to inform students of emergency situations and campus weather closures. 

Money Management

+ How does my student pay their bill?

Students can make a payment in person at the Student Financial Services office on the 2nd floor of Main Hall or through their myUCCS student portal. Students also have the ability to add others as an “authorized payer” in their portal as well.

+ Who do I contact if I have questions about my student’s bill?

Questions about tuition and billing can be referred to the Student Financial Services office at 719-255- 3391.

+ How do I contact Financial Aid?

You can contact the UCCS Office of Financial Aid by phone at 719-255-3460 or by e-mail:

+ My student is looking for a job, where should they go?

If your student is looking for a job encourage them to check SEAN’s Place. SEAN’s Place is the official UCCS website to post on-campus work-study and non-work-study positions. 

+ My student is interested in scholarships for UCCS, where should they look?

If your student is looking for scholarships at UCCS, encourage them to look at the scholarships website. Keep in mind important dates, Scholarship Applications open December 1st, and remember to have your student complete all parts of the application. 

Transportation and Parking

+ Does my student need their own car if they live on-campus?

No. Most students living on-campus will not need to bring a vehicle as there are many places to visit within close walking or biking distance from the main campus. Students may also ride the on-campus shuttle system, which operates M-F from 6:40am – 10:40pm while classes are in full session. In addition, students can use the on-campus U-Haul Car Share program to rent a car by the hour or day. In addition, students who do not bring their own vehicle may choose to simply carpool with friends if they need to make a grocery run or hang out at a local mall.

+ How do parking permits work?

If your student is living on-campus, their parking permit will be given to them during move-in. Keep in mind, on-campus residents can only park in designated areas. If your student is commuting, they need to reserve their parking permit online before picking it up at Parking Services. UCCS offers an array of parking permits that allow students to park in various locations across the main campus. Reserve permits early as they do sell out quickly. 

+ What are there parking options if my student does not buy a parking permit?

For those commuter students who do not wish to purchase a permit to park on the main campus or if permits are sold out, free parking and a campus shuttle is available at 5025 N. Nevada Ave (Four Diamond Sports Complex area). This shuttle system operates M-F from 6:40am – 10:40pm while classes are in full session, and usually run about every 10-15 minutes. This shuttle services both the main Four Diamond Sports Complex parking lot and Centennial Hall.

+ Where do the campus shuttles run?

UCCS has three different shuttle lines going to various locations across campus. The 4Diamonds route, which serves the free student parking located off of N. Nevada Ave, runs directly between 4Diamonds and Centennial Hall. The University Hall line runs directly between University Hall and Centennial Hall. The Timberline route runs between Timberline Village, Alpine Village, the Lodge, and Centennial Hall. 


+ Still have unanswered questions?

Please email, or call 719-255-7551.