With smaller class sizes than many of our peer institutions, top notch faculty teaching in the classroom, and great academic support services, UCCS is the place to experience a quality education while working toward a degree.
Photo of students listening to a class lecture

Inside the Classroom

Inside the classroom, your student will experience a variety of different teaching styles from lecture-based classes, to discussions, to hands-on laboratory learning. Each of these different teaching styles provides a variety of different methods to share information with students. It is very important that students know that they are going to be responsible to read, review, study, and know the material whether or not the material is covered in class. [Student Academic Ethics Policy]

In addition to going to class, reading, reviewing, and studying, there are classroom expectations that students should be aware of as they transition to college. Students will learn about these expectations when they are given their course syllabus. The syllabus will tell students when assignments are due, what the grading policy is, and when professors have office hours among other expectations.

Outside the Classroom

While students will certainly learn a lot from class (going to class is one of the top ways to earn higher grades), students are expected to spend almost twice to triple the amount of time outside of the classroom applying and reciting what they have learned in class. This means that students should read before class, review their notes within 24 hours after each lecture, and complete a comprehensive review for each class on a weekly basis. Additionally, students should utilize the academic resources that are available to them for each of their classes. These resources include tutoring and extra instruction sessions through the Academic Centers for Excellence and visiting with the professor during office hours among other resources.

Photo of a student reading a science textbook

Academic Support Resources at UCCS

                                                  •  Academic Advising, 719-255-3260, 2nd floor Main Hall

                                             •  Academic Centers for Excellence:
                                                                 ·  Center for Excellence in Communication, 719-255-4770, Columbine Hall 312
                                                                 ·  Center for Excellence in Languages, 719-255-3690, Dwire Hall 270
                                                                 ·  Center for Excellence in Mathematics, 719-255-3687, Engineering 136
                                                                 ·  Center for Excellence in Science, 719-255-3687, Centennial Hall 204
                                                                 ·  Center for Excellence in Writing, 719-255-4336, Columbine Hall 316

                                             •  Disability Services, 719-255-3354, Main Hall 105

                                             •  First Year Experience/Academic Coaching, 719-255-7551, Main Hall 202