Transfer Orientation Checklist

Prior to coming to orientation, you will need to complete the following:

    1. Check your email for the orientation confirmation email. This email will have important information, such as the orientation location/time for check-in. You should receive this email approximately one week after you submit your orientation reservation form. If you do not see it after you check your inbox and spam/junk folder, contact the Orientation Office at
    2. Bring a photo ID.
    3. Guests. Due to space limitations, each student is only permitted two parents/guests. Students and their parents/guests will be separated for a majority of the day. If you have any questions related to this, please contact 719-255-3181.
    4. Plan ahead for parking. Please park in Lots 220, 222, or 224. Signs will direct you to parking once you reach campus. Parking will be free for students and their parents/guests on the day of orientation. (Courtesy of UCCS Parking Services).
    5. Special accommodations. If you, or a parent/guest, have a disability and will need assistance at your orientation session, please contact Disability Services at 719-255-3354 at least one week before your orientation session.
    6. Final transcript. Your advisor will be unable to properly aid you in choosing your classes until you have done this. You can send this in to Admissions and Records. To find out more about sending in transcripts visit Admissions and Records.
    7. If needed, take the Math Placement Test. If you have previously taken a 100-level or higher math course (excluding statistics), or have adequate AP or IB test grades, you do not need to take the Math Placement Test (MPT).
                - Do you need to take the MPT? If your major is not listed, you do not need to take the MPT.
                - The MPT costs a nominal amount, and it is only available online here.
                - Be sure to complete the MPT at least 48 hours prior to orientation.
                - If you need the MPT and do not take it prior to orientation, you will be unable to enroll in a math class at orientation.
                - Contact (reply may take 1-2 business days) with any questions.
    8. If you would like to change your major. If you decide on a different major from what you originally noted on your orientation reservation, please contact the Orientation Office at immediately. You will have time to meet with just one advisor at your orientation session. We need to ensure you meet with the correct advisor and that you receive the appropriate academic plan at orientation.
    9. Turn in a copy of certified records showing proof of two Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) shots. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment requires all students to submit certified immunization records showing proof of two Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) vaccines. Failure to do this will result in a block placed on your student account which will prevent you from registering for your second semester of classes. You can still attend orientation without turning these in. You can turn in your records by bringing them to orientation, or by mailing, emailing, or faxing (fax number: 719-255-4446) them to the Student Health Center prior to your orientation. For more information, visit the Student Health Center website or contact the Student Health Center at 719-255-4444.
    10. Turn in a copy of a certified record showing proof of a meningitis shot (if living on campus). Incoming students planning to live in Housing must submit proof of a meningococcal vaccine or sign a waiver stating they understand the risks associated with bacterial meningitis prior to moving in. More information about this and other immunization requirements can be found here.
    11. If you are a Colorado resident, sign up for the College Opportunity Fund (COF) before your orientation day. You can learn how to do that here. COF will allow for a reduction in your tuition when you enroll in classes. When you enroll in your classes at orientation, you will authorize your COF stipend to be paid to UCCS. You have the option of authorizing COF each semester when you enroll in classes, or you may choose the Lifetime Authorization (you only authorize once, that authorization stays in effect until you change it). If you do not apply for, and authorize COF, you will pay full tuition. For questions about authorizing COF, please contact the Bursar office at 719-255-3391. For questions about COF eligible courses and lifetime COF hours, please contact the Registrar's office at 719-255-3361.
    12. Claim your UCCS account. You will need a myUCCS account to register for classes. This is different from the account you had prior to being accepted to UCCS. To do this, you will need your Student ID number. If you do not know your number, contact Records (719-255-3361). Once you have your Student ID number, click here and select Claim Your Account. Follow the instructions and retrieve your UCCS username and set your password. Contact the IT Helpdesk at 719-255-3536 with any issues you encounter.