What is Outdoor Adventure Orientation?

Orientation group on rafts Adventure Orientations are designed for incoming freshmen students who want to complete their orientation requirement and meet other students in an extended format. Outdoor Adventure Orientations begin on-campus where students meet each other, learn more about UCCS, and register for classes. This summer we have two different adventure orientations that begin once this on-campus orientation ends.

Adventure Orientation 1: 8:15am Friday, May 30-1:00pm Sunday, June 1
After on-campus orientation is complete, students board university provided transportation and travel to an off-campus location where they will camp for the night. The next day and half are comprised of outdoor activities and teambuiAdventure Orientation outdoors at campsitelding experiences, such as rafting, hot springs, hiking, and more. Students are then returned to campus on the final day.

Adventure Orientation 2: 8:15am Friday, June 13-1:00pm Sunday, June 15
After on-campus orientation is complete, students will head to Cheyenne Mountain State Park to set up camp for the weekend. For the next day and a half students will hike along local trails and do trail maintenance, do some fun activities, and get to know and see the greater Colorado Springs area much better. Highlights of the weekend will include a visit to the Garden of the Gods and a rafting trip on the Arkansas River.