Equipment / Items to Bring

  1. Reusable cup, spoon, fork, plate, and bowl
  2. Tennis shoes
  3. River shoes (i.e. Teva-type shoe with a heel strap, or an old pair of tennis shoes)
  4. Swimsuit
  5. Shirt (you don't mind getting wet)
  6. Shorts
  7. Short & long sleeve shirt
  8. Long pants (to stay warm at night)
  9. Light shirt and long pants (you don't mind getting dirty)
  10. Light jacket (to use as windbreaker)
  11. Heavy sweater, fleece or sweatshirt
  12. Warm jacket (to stay warm at night)
  13. Rain jacket
  14. Warm hat/beanie
  15. Socks and undergarments
  16. Water bottle (2 preferred)
  17. Toiletries (medicines, toothpaste, toothbrush, lip balm, baby wipes, shampoo/soap, towel, etc.)
  18. Personal items (camera, pen & paper, book, pillow, etc.) (optional)
  19. Headlamp or small flashlight
  20. Sunglasses
  21. Sunscreen
  22. Baseball cap (optional)

Can be provided for you by the SOLE Center (email to request)

  1. Sleeping bag (limited supply)
  2. Sleeping pad (limited supply)
  3. Tent
  4. Headlamp (limited supply)