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+ I'm a new freshman/transfer student. Why do I need to attend an orientation session?

  • All new undergraduate students are required to attend an orientation session. Orientation is designed to help you become familiar with campus, learn campus resources, and meet other new students. This is your first step as a new Mountain Lion.

+ I've attended UCCS in the past. Why would I need to attend an orientation session?

  • Students who have earned more than 12 credit hours at another college or university after leaving UCCS are required to attend a transfer orientation. These students will need a new transcript evaluation processed and may have new degree requirements. Attending an orientation session gives us a chance to meet with you and help you register for the correct classes.

+ Are my parents required to attend the orientation session with me?

  • Parent participation is optional. While parents and guests are welcome to attend orientation, freshman and transfer orientation sessions will have a separate program designed for them, and they will not be able to stay with you throughout the program. Each student is limited to two guests.

+ When and where do I register for an orientation session?

  • You must be officially admitted to UCCS for the current term in order to register for an orientation session. If you are officially admitted for the upcoming term, it is recommended that you register for a session as soon as possible. Please be sure to double-check your personal calendar before you electronically submit the reservation form. It is extremely difficult to reschedule once we have sent a confirmation e-mail. To register for an orientation session, please use the appropriate link: Freshman or Transfer. If you have not been admitted to UCCS for the current term, your orientation reservation will not be processed. Please check with Admissions at (719) 255-3383 for the status of your application.

+ Why can't I just do an online orientation?

  • While online orientation covers basic information about UCCS, it is no substitute for an interactive, in-depth orientation session. Permission to complete online orientation is only granted to out-of-state students with extenuating circumstances.

+ Why are parent and student orientations separate?

  • Similar to parents not going to classes with their students, parents do not go to orientation with students. Students attending orientations have different needs and questions than parents. We have designed our orientations to reflect this.

+ I'm a non-degree seeking student, how do I register for classes?

  • You can contact the Office of Student Recruitment at 719-255-3084 for help on who to contact.