Technical Skills

Although many people are eager to participate in an online class, there are many factors to consider. Review our recommendations to determine if Online Learning is for you. 

Is Online Learning for You?

Computer Skills - What do you need to know?

  • Turn on a computer
  • Restart a computer
  • Use a mouse
    • Double click
    • Right click
  • Download, locate, open and close files on your computer or attached storage devices
  • Use a word processing application (Microsoft Word, Pages, Google Docs)
    • Recommended skills include cutting, copying, and pasting from one document to another, working with two applications open at the same time, saving files to .rtf (rich text format) or .pdf (portable document format), adjusting margins, and working with headers and footers.
  • Use an e-mail account 
    • Attach and save files in e-mail
  • Download and install software on your computer
  • Use a web browser
    • Have more than one browser window or tab open at a time
  • Open files from a CD-ROM

Last updated April 25, 2013