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Student Response Team

The purpose of the SRT is to respond to patterns of dysfunctional behavior, questions, concerns, and inquires over students and student behavior. The SRT will facilitate a coordinated campus response to crisis incidents, threats or potential threats to the well being of our students.

These responses may include, identification of and referral to appropriate support services and resources, informal resolution measures such as mediation, discussions in residence halls or other campus locations, disciplinary action, and efforts toward wider educational awareness, prevention, and outreach.

The core of the SRT is comprised of:

UCCS Chief of Police
Jim Spice ph. 255-3111
Director of the University Counseling Center
Benek Altayli ph. 255-3265
Director of Judicial Affairs
Steve Linhart ph. 255-3838

Depending on the circumstances, the SRT may bring together additional resources (faculty, housing, student-employment, health center, etc) to fully address the issue.

To ensure the quickest response, contact Public Safety Dispatch at 255-3111 to inform the SRT of a situation.  They will then contact a member of the Team.  However, you may contact any member of the team..