●     Creating or opening an existing file in the format of Office Documents (.doc, .docx, etc) opens up the Microsoft Word Web App regardless of whether Word of any form is installed on the accessing machine. Has a button to open it in the offline word

●     Documents open in the Web Apps have no manual save function (they do have a save-as function), it saves in real time.

●     There is a share option, which by default allows users to type in names to share it with (as well as the option to make it public). 

●     Documents start as default being private (only viewable by admin or the owner of the file)

●     Deleting a file sends it to the Recycle Bin

●     Documentation of the Recycle Bin

○      Access the recycle bin by clicking the gear symbol in the top right hand corner of the web interface. Click ‘Site Contents’. This displays a larger more detailed list of all of the files present. Below the gear, under the search bar, there is a button for the Recycle Bin. Users can restore or permanently delete files from here

○    Administrators have the ability to retrieve files that have been deleted permanently from your recycle bin if needed.