By default, windows 8 users have two settings: Local and Connected. A local account is just a user account on that particular machine. A connected account is an account that is sync’d with a microsoft account. It has the same email and skydrive account associated with it, as well as the same password. A Local account can also be connected to an online account, but only one. So if the user of that Windows 8 has a microsoft account that they purchase apps through or generally use, they can’t use that in conjunction with their UCCS sharepoint account unless they switch between two users on their Windows 8 machine.

     The UCCS Sharepoint accounts are not considered Microsoft accounts by Microsoft, so signing in to the default, built in Skydrive app in Windows 8 will not work

     Instead, users have to install the SkyDrive Pro app from the Windows 8 store.

     Here is a link that will take them to the app install in the store directly (or for non-windows 8 users, it will just take them to the webpage for that)

     This app operates independently from the skydrive default in Windows 8, but in the same way that app worksImage 1 of Instructions

     It looks like the above picture

     The SkyDrive Pro app in Windows 8 is listed as “SkyDrive Pro” so that the users can easily differentiateImage 2 of instructions

     SkyDrive Pro saves the user’s credentials separately from their Connected or Local account, so that users can be signed in to their microsoft account on Windows 8, and their UCCS Account in SkyDrive Pro


Functionality of Skydrive Pro for Windows 8


     Skydrive Pro does not sync files from the cloud by default. However, by right clicking on the file, users have the option of downloading the file to their local machine. This is, however, a local copy of the file, and will not be synced with the cloudImage 3 of instructions

     Clicking on the file will open their default web browser to the Microsoft Office Web Suite of editors to edit the file