Mac Installation Instructions

Step 1. Login to your Office 365 email and click on the gear icon next to your name, and then, 'Office 365 settings'


Step 2.  Click on the 'Software' tab.

Step 3.  Make sure the  'office' tab is selected, then select your Office language, and then click, 'Install'

Office Tab

Step 4. Once the installation file has finished downloading, open it from the Downloads folder.


Step 5. The installation dialog will pop-up. Double-click on the Office folder in the middle.

Installation Dialog

Step 6. It may ask you to confirm the installation process - press 'Open' to proceed

Warning message

Step 7. Press 'Continue' when the installation dialogue opens up

Installer Prompt 1

Step 8. Press 'Continue' when prompted to accept the License Agreement

Installer Prompt 2

Step 9. Press 'Agree' to accept the License Agreement

Installer Prompt 3

Step 10. Press 'Install' to start the installation process

Installer Prompt 4

Step 11. It may prompt you to close any open application, press 'Close Applications and Install' to continue.

Installer 5

Step 12. During installation, your screen might turn grey, this is normal. Once the installation finishes, you will see this screen.

Installer 6

Step 14. You can now press 'Close' and may start using your new Office installation which is accesable through your Applications folder.