The following instructions will walk you through configuring, iPhones, iPad's and iPod Touches with the UCCS Exchange Server.  These instructions are intended for use by students who have been upgraded to the new email server. 

1.      Tap on Settings to open Settings Menu

2.      Select Mail, Contacts, and Calendars to open email settings

3.      Select Add Account to add your UCCS email account

4.      From the list of account types select Microsoft Exchange

5.      Enter the following information in the Account Settings:

•·         Email: Your full UCCS email address

•·         Domain: leave blank

•·         Username: Your full UCCS email address

•·         Password: Your UCCS password

•·         Description: A name for your email account

6.      Enter in Server settings

7.      If you are prompted to accept a certificate, press Accept

8.      Determine what services you would like turned on and to synchronized with your account.

NOTE: If you select "ON" and sync your "Contacts" from Exchange, then the existing Contacts in your iPhone or iPod Touch will be REMOVED and REPLACED with your Exchange Contacts

9.      Touch Save and verify the account is online by going to the home screen and selecting Mail.