Training Requirements

University of Colorado Colorado Springs faculty, staff and student employees are required to complete discrimination and harassment training within their first 90 days of employment. Faculty, staff, and student employees can complete an online discrimination and harassment training to fulfill this requirement. You can obtain instructions for how to access the online training in the section below. After this initial training, all employees are required to take a discrimination and harassment training at least once every five years; however, some departments require employees to complete training more frequently.

Please review the protected class discrimination and harassment and sexual harassment policies and procedures at link.  All UCCS employees are expected to adhere to these policies and procedures, including the supervisory obligation to report allegations of discrimination and harassment to the Office of Discrimination and Harassment. If you have any questions regarding discrimination and harassment, the training program, or would like to arrange an on-site training session for your department, please contact the Office of Discrimination and Harassment at 719-255-4324.

UCCS Discrimination and Harassment Online Training

The Office of Discrimination and Harassment (ODH) mandatory training is offered in an online format through SkillSoft. Faculty, staff, and student employees can all take the online training to satisfy the training requirement.

If you want to request an on-site or customized training for your department, or if you have questions about the online training, please call the ODH main number at 719-255-4324.

Instructions on how to access the UCCS Discrimination and Harassment online training in SkillSoft:

  • Logon to the myCU Portal (
  • Click the MY.TRAINING tab
  • Click, Click here for SkillSoft - CU Learning Center...Online and Instructor Led Training (ILT)
  • Click Catalog
  • Click University of Colorado - Courses to view the expandable folder structure
  • Click the Human Resources folder
  • The course that ALL employees must complete is called "CU: Discrimination and Harassment."


Julia Neville, J.D.
Discrimination and Harassment Officer
Title IX Coordinator
Kelly Mattingly
Discrimination and Harassment Consultant
Office of Discrimination & Harassment
Academic Office Building, Room 528 and 530
(719) 255-4324, on campus: x4324