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Supervisor's Obligation to Report

Any supervisor who witnesses or receives a written or oral report or complaint of discrimination, harassment or related retaliation that occurs in UCCS employment and educational programs and activities, shall promptly report it to the ODH. A failure to report this information is a violation of this Policy. The only supervisors who are not subject to this reporting requirement are those employees who are required by the supervisor's profession and University responsibilities to keep certain communications confidential. On the UCCS campus, those persons are limited to professional counselors who are employed for the purpose of providing counseling services, any person to whom communications are privileged as a matter of law, and the ombudsperson.  

Obligation to Report
In order to take appropriate corrective action, UCCS must be aware of discrimination, harassment and related retaliation that occur in UCCS employment and educational programs and activities. Therefore, anyone who believes that he or she has experienced or witnessed discrimination, harassment or related retaliation should promptly report such behavior to the ODH.  

Julia Paris, J.D.
Discrimination and Harassment Officer
Title IX Coordinator
Kelly Mattingly
Discrimination and Harassment Investigative Assistant
Office of Discrimination & Harassment
Academic Office Building, Room 528 and 530
(719) 255-4324, on campus: x4324