Satisfactory Progress
Bring these two forms to the meeting with your academic advisor during the designated timeframe.

The Basics
Credit hours

  • You must be enrolled in no less than 12 credit hrs. to be able to practice & compete in athletics during academic year. If you are a graduate student, you must be enrolled in the amount of credit hrs. considered full-time for our institution. Check with your academic advisor.
  • Waitlisted credit hrs. do not count towards full-time enrollment!
  • ADD classes before you drop them! You cannot drop below 12 credit hrs. and be eligible to practice & compete.
  • Undergraduates must pass a minimum of 18 credit hrs. total for the Fall & Spring semesters in order to meet the credit hr. requirements for eligibility the next fall term. 18 credit hrs. are considered at least 75 percent of the minimum number of semester or quarter hours required for progress toward degree during the regular academic year. If you only pass 18 credit hrs. during the academic year, you may be subject to take 6 credit hrs. of summer school.
  • You must pass a minimum of 6 credit hrs. per term of full-time enrollment in order to be eligible the following term.

You must maintain a 2.0 cumulative gpa throughout your academic career at UCCS. If not, you may be subject to be declared ineligible for practice and/or competition. There may be an opportunity for a waiver if you are still NCAA eligible. Your coach is in charge of initiating this waiver. More information can be found on the IAAC eligibility link.

You must declare your major prior to your 5th semester of full-time enrollment.

Last term of undergraduate degree program
If you are in your last term of your undergraduate degree program, you may be enrolled in less than full-time. You will maintain your eligibility for practice, competition, & athletics aid.

This rules summary is not comprehensive and NCAA legislation can be subject to various interpretations. If you have further questions, please contact the Athletics Compliance Officer at: 719-255-3679 or jwoodatk@uccs.edu