Use of Credits Earned During Part-Time Enrollment under the Averaging Method

The Division II Interpretations Subcommittee determined that semester or quarter hours earned by a student-athlete while enrolled in less than a full-time program of studies shall not be used to meet progress-toward-degree requirements, unless the student-athlete is held accountable for the term(s) of part-time enrollment at the time of certification.  

Full-Time Enrollment - Final Semester/Quarter (I/II/III)
Type: Staff Interpretation
The membership services staff confirmed that a student-athlete who is enrolled and seeking a second baccalaureate (or equivalent), or graduate level degree at the same institution previously attended as an undergraduate, may compete while enrolled in less than a full-time program of studies, provided the student-athlete is enrolled in the final semester or quarter necessary to obtain his or her second baccalaureate (or equivalent) or graduate level degree. The institution must certify that the student-athlete is carrying (for credit) the courses necessary to complete degree requirements. [References: NCAA Division I Bylaw (full-time enrollment-requirement for competition-final semester/quarter); Division II Bylaw (practice or competition -- final semester/quarter); Division III Bylaws (exception -- final semester/quarter); (final semester/quarter); Divisions I, II and III Bylaw 14.1.9 (graduate student/postbaccalaureate participation) and a staff interpretation, 4/28/99, item (a) which has been archived for Divisions I, II and III.]


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