Countable Athletically Related Activity (Weekly Practice Logs)


NCAA Bylaw 13 - Recruiting

Unofficial Visit
Place this form in the mailbox of the Athletics Compliance Officer after visit

Official Visit
Notify Athletics Compliance Officer about official visit preferably 2 weeks in advance.

The Athletics Compliance Officer must verify that the prospect received a medical exam prior to their try-out per Bylaw c. Notify Head Athletic Trainer of try-out as usual.

Camps and Clinics


NCAA Bylaw 14 - Eligibility

The following forms are used to certify the eligibility of student-athletes. Please be in contact with the Athletics Compliance Officer prior to using these forms for anyone not certified on the initial designated dates.

General Information Form

General Information Form Cross Country/Track

NCAA Student-Athlete Statement

NCAA Drug Testing Consent

NCAA Summary of Regulations *Student-athletes keep this form*


NCAA Bylaw 15 - Financial Aid

Reduction or Cancellation of Athletics Aid/Notification of a Hearing
This form will be given to the student-athlete by the Athletics Compliance Officer when applicable.

NCAA Bylaw 17 - Playing & Practice Seasons

Designation of Playing & Practice Season
This form needs to be completed before the playing season in each sport. Changes are permissible but shall be filed in writing in the Athletics Compliance Office.

Unattached Competition (pdf)


Intercollegiate Athletics Advisory Committee (IAAC)

Eligibility waiver request process

Eligibility waiver request forms


Coaches Certification Exam